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Remote - Junior

You can use Junior’s remote to communicate with him and direct him around your room.

Junior’s remote runs on 2 AAA batteries (not included). To use Junior’s remote for the first time, you will need to sync it.

To sync Junior’s remote:

  1. Insert 2 AAA batteries.
  2. Hold down the PAUSE button on the remote.
  3. While still holding down the PAUSE button, flip Junior’s power switch ON.
  4. Junior will chirp twice to let you know the sync was successful.

Remote Buttons:

  • Power - Puts Junior in and out of standby mode
  • Navigational Arrows - Control Junior’s movements
        • CAUTION: Be careful not to drive Junior backwards toward a ledge or obstacle because he will not be able to detect danger behind him. Release Junior’s BACK button if you are moving him toward an obstacle or ledge.
  • Pause - Stops and resumes Junior’s movements
  • Mute - Stops Junior from beeping while in standby mode
  • Corner - Junior will travel and clean along the perimeter of your room
  • Go! - Junior will clean on his default auto setting, then return to his station when his battery reaches 15%
  • Waffle - Junior will target a small spill by going over it in a grid pattern, then return to his charging station
  • Charge - Sends Junior back to his charging station to recharge
  • Speed - Tells Junior to go faster or slower for a more thorough clean
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