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Unboxing - Bob Standard

Everything you need to guide Bob through his cleaning sessions can be found inside his box.

To open the box, place it on a flat surface with its handle facing up. Then, lift the flap to open. Inside Bob's box you will find (clockwise from top left):

  • Bag containing:
      • Mop attachment and 2 mopping cloths
      • Spare HEPA filter
      • Bumper stickers
  • "Goodie Bag" containing:
      • Owner's Manual
      • Blindfold stickers with instructions
      • 2 short screws for Bob's side brush
      • 2 long screws for Bob's main brush
  • Cleaning tool
  • Phillips head screwdriver

Lift the top compartment and you will find (clockwise from bottom left)

  • Charging adapter
  • Charging station
  • Remote
  • Bob himself, with his Warranty Card and Quick Start Guide on top

Lift Bob and you will find (from right to left):

  • 2 side brushes (1 spare)
  • Spare main brush
  • 2 short screws for Bob's side brush (1 spare)

To prepare Bob for his first clean, follow the instructions outlined in his Quick Start Guide. To learn everything there is to know about operating your intelligent floor cleaner, consult your Owner’s Manual or follow along with our step-by-step how-to articles.

Welcome to the bObsweep family and happy cleaning!

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