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Replacing Bumper - bObi Pet

For this repair, you will need a Phillips head screwdriver and replacement bumper.

First, flip bObi Pet's power switch OFF.

Next, remove bObi's front wheel to access one of the screws holding her together. Turn bObi's front wheel towards her bumper and, using a screwdriver for leverage, grip the wheel firmly and pull it up.

Remove the screw located beneath bObi's wheel.

Detach bObi's dustbin and remove the 2 screws on either side of it.

Remove the 2 triangular corner pieces held down by these screws.

Pull the main brush compartment forward to expose the red fastener behind bObi's main brushes. Remove the 2 smaller screws holding the red fastener in place.

Lift bObi's brush compartment up and out. To detach her brush compartment completely, unplug it from bObi by pulling at the circuit junction.

Remove the 4 screws located beneath bObi's main brushes. 

Remove the 2 screws securing the red contact point fastener onto bObi, and pull off the fastener.

Flip bObi back onto her wheels and lift her cover up. There are 2 circuit plugs which must be removed to separate bObi's cover completely: a yellow-wired circuit plug connected to the left side of bObi's mainboard, and a white-wired circuit plug connected to the center of bObi's mainboard.

Flip bObi's cover over onto a flat surface so that you see 2 green circuit boards positioned at the top. Remove all circuit plugs except for the smallest circuit plug at the top in place.

Next, remove the 4 screws connecting the bumper to bObi Pet’s lid.

Lastly, remove the screw on the small plastic hook holding down the yellow-wired circuit plug. Depending on your bObi's model, there may be 2 hooks. Keep all hooks and screws safely aside for later reassembly.

On the left and right sides of the bumper are sensor strips connected by red and white wires. Use your screwdriver to break off the glue securing them to bObi's bumper.

Then, lift the old bumper out and line up the new bumper with the corresponding screw posts on bObi's lid.

Make sure the sensor strips slide in behind the posts on both ends of the bumper.

Once the bumper is positioned securely on the lid, reinstall the 4 screws around the inside of the bumper.

Next, thread the thick yellow wire through the plastic hooks removed previously. Then, reinstall the screw on the plastic hooks.

Then, reattach all 8 circuit plugs.

Make sure all the wires are tucked behind the black hooks lining the inside of the bumper.

Now you’re ready to put bObi’s cover back together. Reconnect the white-wired circuit plug to the center of bObi's mainboard and the yellow-wired circuit plug to the left side of her board. Press each circuit plug firmly until they lock in their holders.

Carefully replace bObi’s cover. Make sure its edges align precisely before laying down the contact point fastener and reinstallling its 2 screws.

Next, reinstall the 4 screws located beneath bObi's brush compartment.

Reattach bObi's brush compartment.

Line up the red brush fastener on bObi and replace its 2 smaller screws.

Lay the 2 corner pieces down.

Reinstall the 2 screws on either side of bObi's dustbin.

Reinstall the screw located beneath bObi's front wheel.

Lastly, replace bObi's front wheel by turning it towards her bumper and pressing down.

Your repair is now complete! 

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