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Remote - Bob PetHair (2001 series)

Direct Bob’s movements, adjust his speed, and select his cleaning modes through his multifunctional handheld remote. The remote runs on 2 AAA batteries (not included)

If Bob is not responding to his remote, you will need to sync it. To do so, hold down the pause button while at the same time flipping Bob’s power switch ON.

Bob will beep twice to let you know the sync was successful.

Remote Buttons:

  • Power button - Puts Bob in standby mode
  • Navigational arrows - Control Bob’s movements
  • Pause button - Stops Bob in his tracks
  • UV - Turns Bob's disinfecting UV lamp OFF and back ON again
  • CORNERS - Bob will travel along the perimeter of your room
  • AUTO - Bob will clean on his default auto setting
  • SPOT - Bob will target a small spill by driving in a circle
  • CHARGE -  to send Bob back to his charging station
  • SPEED - Slows Bob down for an intensive clean or speeds him up to his default speed

Bob can detect his remote’s signal from any direction, so you can control Bob from wherever you’re sitting. If you will not be using the remote for a long time, you may remove its batteries.

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