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bObi blOck - bObi Classic

Make room with bObi blOck! Use bObi blOck to create an invisible, 10-foot-long digital boundary that bObi will not cross.

To set up bObi blOck, open up its battery cover and insert 4 AA batteries.

Next, flip bObi’s side power switch OFF. Located on the back of bObi blOck, just above the battery cover, are two buttons: the power button on the left, and the SYNC button on the right.

Press the power button, and the power light inside bObi blOck will turn on, stay still for 10 seconds, and then slowly blink every 3 seconds. This means bObi blOck is ON and ready to sync!

Get bObi into position: poise one hand over bObi blOck’s SYNC button and the other over bObi's power switch. While holding down bObi blOck's SYNC button, flip bObi's power switch ON.

bObi will beep twice to let you know she recognizes bObi blOck.

If you didn’t get the timing of the sync quite right, you may turn both bObi blOck and bObi OFF and try again. To turn bObi blOck OFF, press its power button. The power light will blink and then disappear altogether.

Once you’ve synced bObi blOck to bObi, you can start using it. If you would like to block a doorway, place bObi blOck on one edge of the doorway with its front (the side opposite the battery cover) facing the opposite edge.

bObi blOck will remain ON for 3 hours before turning itself OFF to preserve energy. bObi blOck will flash more quickly than normal to let you know when it is in need of new batteries. To preserve battery life, turn bObi blOck OFF when you are not using it.

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