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Automatic Charging - Bob Standard

When Bob’s battery reaches 15% capacity, he will automatically begin searching for his charging station.

To help Bob find his station, make sure it is plugged in and in an easily accessible area with plenty of space around it.

Bob's station must be at least 1 inch (2.5 cm) away from a wall, as Bob may push it slightly while attempting to dock. Do not place Bob’s charging station near devices that emit infrared  — such as DVD players or TV remotes — as they may interfere with Bob’s ability to detect his station.

You may also ask Bob to return to his charging station by pressing the CHARGE button on his remote.

You may also press the leftmost button on his cover until the battery bars appear on his screen.

Then, press the cover button on the far right.

Once Bob has docked to his station, he will remain on it until you ask him to clean again with his remote control,

or until you manually remove him from his station.

The only time Bob will move from his station independently is when you have set up a weekly cleaning schedule for him.

Bob should not sit on his charging station for more than 5 days. If you will not be using him at least once every 5 days, turn his side power switch OFF to conserve his battery.

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