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Error Codes - Bob Standard

If Bob ever runs into trouble while cleaning your room, he will ask for your help by beeping and displaying on his screen the word “error” coupled with a specific number. Each number corresponds to a specific issue.

Error 00

Error number 00 means Bob’s left wheel is jammed. Check his wheel for any blockage, then clean the area with his cleaning tool or with compressed air.

Error 01

Error number 01 means Bob’s right wheel is jammed. Check it for blockage and clean.

Error 02

Error number 02 means Bob’s main brush is jammed. Uninstall the screw securing the brush in place,

and remove and clean his main brush. Use scissors to cut away hair and threads wrapped around the brush, and give special attention to the brush's end piece.

Clean the brush compartment inside of Bob as well.

When done, replace the main brush's end piece,

and insert the square end into the square indentation inside the brush compartment.

Lastly, reinstall the screw.

Error 03

Error number 03 means Bob’s front wheel is jammed. Remove dust and debris from the wheel using compressed or Bob’s cleaning tool.

Error 04

Error number 04 means Bob’s edge sensors — here labeled "ground sensors" — are dirty or blocked. Bob’s edge sensors are located on his underside, near his bumper.

Clean the sensors using a clean, dry cloth and compressed air.

If Bob continually displays this error while working on dark-colored carpeting, you may need to blindfold him using his blindfold stickers. For detailed instructions on how to do this, see Blindfolding Bob.

Error 05

Error number 05 means Bob’s wall sensors around his bumper are blocked.

Wipe them with a clean, dry cloth and ensure nothing is stuck underneath the bumper.

Error 06

Error number 06 means Bob’s bumper is jammed. Tap on his bumper to dislodge the blockage, or use the cleaning tool to remove dust and debris.

Error 07

Error number 07 means Bob’s main brush is not installed properly. Reinstall it before asking Bob to clean again.

Error 08

Error number 08 means Bob’s dustbin is improperly installed or the contact points are dirty. Remove the dustbin by pressing the small silver button on Bob's back.

Clean the dustbin's contact point electrodes before carefully sliding it back into Bob.

Error 09

Error number 09 means Bob’s mainboard is not working properly. Contact our customer care center at support@bobsweep.com if you encounter this issue, or any others that you have had difficulty resolving. 

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