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Cleaning Brushes - Bob Standard

Bob’s brushes do a lot of the work picking up hair and debris, so it is recommended that you clean the main and side brushes weekly if you are using Bob regularly.

Use a screwdriver to remove the screw securing Bob’s main brush.

Lift off the brush cap and clean it thoroughly.

Use the cleaning tool to remove hair and debris from both ends of the brush as well as the compartment inside Bob.

You may use a pair of scissors to cut away any hair or threads wrapped around the brush, and a pair of tweezers to remove congestion from the notches where the main brush is held.

When done, replace the brush cap,

and insert the square end of the brush into the square indentation inside the brush compartment.

Lastly, replace the screw securing the main brush.

The side brush is also held in with one screw.

Remove it and thoroughly clean the side brush as well as the socket where it is held.

When done, replace the side brush's screw. 

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