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Reviving Depleted Bob - Bob Standard

If Bob has difficulty locating his charging station, he may run out battery before he finds it.

When Bob’s battery is drained, he will not respond to any of your commands on his remote or cover buttons, even when his power switch is set to ON.

In this case, the only way to revive Bob is to manually recharge him. Unplug the adapter from his charging station and plug it directly into the inlet above his ON/OFF switch.

Bob’s screen will light up, and his battery bars will flash as he recharges.

Leave Bob plugged in until he fully charges. After that, you may unplug the adapter and reattach it to his charging station.

Make sure to flip Bob's power switch ON before asking him to clean again.

If Bob continues to run out of battery before reaching his station, you may need to relocate it to a more accessible location with plenty of room around it.

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