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Checkup Test - Bob PetHair (2000 series)

If Bob is not working as he normally does or repeatedly running into a certain error, you may want to run a checkup test to identify the issue’s cause.

Hold down Bob’s UV button while at the same time flipping his side power switch ON. Bob will emit a series of beeps to let you know he is in checkup mode.

Step One: Edge Sensors

The first step is to test Bob’s edge sensors (also known as his "floor" or "ground detection" sensors). When Bob is on a level surface, the words DIRT, CAPACITY, MIN. CLEANING, and CHARGING should be illuminated on his screen.

When you lift Bob, these lights should disappear.

Step Two: Wall and Obstacle Sensors

Use a flat surface (such as a sheet of paper) to imitate a wall in front of Bob. Drag the imitation wall from the left side of Bob’s bumper around to the right side.

The 5 icons along the top of his screen — UV, AUTO, SPOT, WALL FOLLOW, DOCK —  should light up as you do this.

Step Three: Bumper Sensors

To move onto the third step of the checkup test, press Bob’s UV button twice. His screen should go blank.

To test Bob’s bumper, press down on its center. The words DIRT and MIN. CLEANING should both light up on his screen.

If you press down on the left side, only DIRT will light up; if you press down on the right side, only MIN. CLEANING will light up.

Step Four: Display Screen

To enter the fourth step of the checkup test, press the UV button once more.

Each icon on Bob’s screen should light up in a repeating rotation.

Step Five: Brush Motors and Vacuum Suction

Once the cycle finishes, press the PROGRAM button.

Both the main and side brushes should spin, and air should flow out of the back of Bob’s dustbin.

Step Six: Wheels

The final step of the check up tests Bob’s wheels. Press the MODE button, and Bob should drive forward.

Flip him over and you should see his UV lamp on.

Press the MODE button once more, and Bob will drive backward and the UV lamp will turn off.

If everything responds properly, all of Bob’s internal parts and sensors are working correctly. If Bob does not produce the results as described above, email our customer care center at support@bobsweep.com, or call 1-888-549-8847 for toll-free support in the US & Canada, Mon – Fri, 9 am – 5 pm, Pacific Standard Time.

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