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Remote - Bob Standard (1000 series)

Bob’s remote controls his direction, speed, and docking and cleaning modes. It requires two AAA batteries (not included).

The red power button in the center of Bob’s remote puts him in standby mode.

Putting Bob in standby mode conserves his battery and stops his beeping even when his side power switch is left ON.

Below the red button are 4 directional arrows.

Hold down any of the arrows to control Bob’s movements, or direct him into a different part of your home.

The pause button in the center of the navigational buttons stops Bob in his tracks.

The three buttons on the left of Bob’s remote read UV, WALL/CORNER, and AUTO.

Press the UV button to turn Bob's disinfecting lamp (shown in green) on or off.

Press the WALL/CORNER button and Bob will begin cleaning along the perimeter of the room.

If you press the AUTO button, Bob will clean in his default auto setting, returning to his station when he needs to recharge.

On the right side of the remote is the SPOT button.

Press this button, and Bob will drive in a gradually increasing circle, then reverse his movements and return to the center.

Press the CHARGE button to send Bob back to his docking station

If you would like Bob to slow down or speed up, press the SPEED button.

Bob has three cleaning speeds: low, medium, and high. On the lowest speed, Bob will take longer to travel across large areas, but will clean more thoroughly. On the highest speed, Bob will work quickly and cover more areas of your home.

The remote works best at an average distance of 10 feet, with no walls or obstacles blocking it from Bob.

Be sure to point the remote towards Bob, so he can easily detect its signals. If you will not be using the remote for a long time, you may remove its batteries.

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