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Common Questions

Where can I find bObi’s training videos?

bObi’s “how-to” videos can be found at bObi’s owners’ corner:



How long should bObi’s battery last?

bObi’s running time depends on the type of floor she is cleaning, the speed she is set on, the age of the battery, etc. On average she works anywhere between 1 to 1.5 hours on a full battery. When her battery life falls below 15%, she automatically starts to look for her charging station. Before her first use, it is best to allow bObi to charge for 12-14 hours.


How often should I empty the dustbin?

It is recommended that you empty bObi’s bin after one or two cleaning jobs but this mainly depends on the volume of cleaning that she does. The good news is you can wash bObi’s bin under running water! Simply detach the vacuum motor from the bin and the bin is ready to wash!


How often do I need to change bObi’s HEPA filter?

It is recommended that you clean bObi’s HEPA filter every week and replace the filter every 3-6 months.


How often should I clean bObi’s brushes?

bObi’s brushes do a lot of work picking up hair and larger debris, so it is recommended that you clean the main and side brushes every 1 to 4 uses. 

However, if you clean them more frequently, bObi will be able to store more dirt in her dustbin, rather than on her brushes. If you notice a thick covering of hair, dust, and debris on her brushes, remove and clean them. Remember to clean the interior of bObi where the brushes connect and where the dust flows to the dustbin to assure they stay in good condition for a long time. 


My bObi won’t turn on no matter what I do. 

If bObi has not been charging for a long time and does not turn on when pressing the side power button, or when placing her on her charging station, it’s likely that the battery has been drained too low for bObi to operate. To recharge her, unplug the adapter that normally attaches to the charging station and plug it directly into the inlet on bObi’s side. Then, let bObi recharge fully before using again. Afterwards, you will be able to charge bObi manually or automatically using the docking station. If you place bObi on her charging station, always make sure to turn her ON first, to activate the charging plates on the bottom. When bObi is charging, the battery bars on the display blink.


Why is my bObi beeping?

If bObi is left ON but she is not cleaning or charging, she makes a beeping sound once every five minutes to warn you that she is left unattended and her battery is being drained. Place bObi on her station, or turn her OFF completely using the side power button. You will have to switch this button ON the next time you want bObi to clean. 

bObsweep also makes this noise when she encounters problems cleaning and needs your assistance. In addition to the chirp, you will see an error number (Err) on the remote’s display which lets you know why your bObi has stopped. You can decode this message by consulting the Troubleshooting section of this manual.


bObi is having trouble landing her charging station. Where is the best place to put the station?

bObi will park on her station more easily if the station is placed near the perimeter of the room with plenty of space in front, so that she may adjust her distance from the station and make a perfect landing. Place the station on a flat surface like hardwood or tile flooring instead of carpet. To facilitate bObi’s work, find a spot for the charging station where bObi has a higher chance of passing through.


I left bObi’s brush in for multiple cleans and am having problems removing it.

If the main or side brushes are difficult to remove, it is likely because hair, string, or other debris have been caught in them and are clogging the areas where they attach to bObi. You can use scissors to cut the hair wrapped around either brush, until you are able to remove it. 


bObi is getting stuck under some of my furniture or traveling into areas with wires that tangle up the brush. How can I stop her from going into these areas?

bObi is determined to cover all the spaces she can find in your home. Because of this, she might get herself into trouble once in a while. If she finds her way under a piece of furniture that she can barely fit under, she may struggle to get out. If there is only one open entrance, bObi may take a few minutes to figure out how to escape on her own. You will not have to assist her when this happens, unless you like to use the remote to steer bObi out of her struggle zone.


Why does bObi start even though I did not tell her to clean?

bObi may begin cleaning on her own only if you put her remote into auto-resume (finish fueling and go) mode or if she is scheduled to clean at a certain time. 

First, look at the display on bObi’s remote. If the scheduled cleaning time slot does not show a 4-digit number but that the code “FFGO”, bObi is programmed to start working immediately once she is finished fueling. 

To reset this feature and cancel the auto-resume, press the schedule time SCH TIME button on the remote, then press STOP. 


When is a good time to use the waffle function?

The waffle function is best for cleaning a small area with a large amount of dirt or dust. It is a great way to target only one area that has become dirty such as a spill that must be swept or mopped in an otherwise clean area. It is also very effective when mopping, to minimize streaking on tile or hardwood floors.


My bObi is stopping and showing an Error Number on remote’s screen, how can I fix this?

To understand bObi’s language, consult the Troubleshooting section of this manual for the cause of the problem as well as its solution.


Where can I buy spare parts?

Extra parts are available for purchase on our owners website: owners.bobsweep.com. With bObi’s modular design, and our how-to videos, you can change each individual part easily if it gets old or damaged.


I have a question and need to contact bObsweep’s support team.

Need help with bObi? Our devoted team is ready to help you! You can reach us by phone or e-mail. 

Call us toll free 1-888-549-8847 for support in Canada and the United States. Or, email us at support@bobsweep.com. Our goal is to get back to you within a day. 

For bObi’s how-to videos, repair videos, troubleshooting videos, and to connect with your extended bObsweep family members and fellow Bob and bObi owners visit bObi’s owners’ corner at: http://owners.bobsweep.com


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