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Wet/Dry Mop - Bob PetHair Plus

Bob’s wet/dry mop is an add-on accessory available for purchase separately.

The wet/dry mop dispenses water until its reservoir is completely emptied. Bob does not “shut off” the water on his own, so do not leave him stationary with his wet/dry mop attached. This could create a puddle that may discolor your floors or pose a safety risk. Always supervise Bob when his mop is in use.

To properly use Bob’s wet/dry mop, pull open the tab on the back of the mop attachment. Fill the reservoir until it is no more than halfway full, then replace the tab so the opening is sealed shut.


Next, hold the mop attachment with the tab facing downward.


Align the two prongs on the mop with the corresponding spaces between Bob’s left and right wheels. Press down on the mop attachment to secure.


Detach the wet/dry mop completely when Bob is stationary. Do not allow Bob to use the mop on carpets or rugs.

To remove Bob’s mop, simply lift the mop attachment on the edge closest to the dustbin, and pull up.


Remove and wring out the mopping cloth, and empty all remaining water from the mop attachment. Place the mop attachment aside with the tab facing downward so water does not leak out.


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