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Error Codes - Bob Standard (1001 Series)

If Bob runs into trouble while cleaning your room, he will display on his screen the word “error” coupled with a specific number. Each number corresponds to a specific issue.

Error 0

Error code 0 means Bob’s left wheel is jammed. Check his wheel for any blockage, then clean the area with the cleaning tool or compressed air.


Error 1

Error code 1 means Bob’s right wheel is jammed. Check it for blockage and clean.


Error 2

Error code 2 means Bob’s main brush is jammed. Use a flathead screwdriver to remove Bob's main brush.


Clean the main brush thoroughly from end to end. You may use scissors to cut away hair and threads wrapped around the brush. Clean the brush compartment inside of Bob as well.


When done, replace the main brush's end piece, and insert the square end into the square indentation inside the brush compartment.


Error 3

Error code 3 means Bob’s front wheel is jammed. Remove dust and debris from the wheel using compressed or Bob’s cleaning tool.

Or, remove Bob's front wheel using a screwdriver for leverage.


Then, open up the wheel and clean it from the inside.

When done, replace the spring with the straight end inside the indent and the curved end underneath the tab.


Error 4

Error code 4 means Bob’s edge sensors are dirty or blocked. Bob’s edge sensors are located on his underside, near his bumper.


Clean the sensors using a clean, dry cloth and compressed air. If Bob displays this error while working on dark-colored or patterned carpeting, you may need to blindfold him. Use the blindfold stickers that came in Bob's box to cover his 4 edge sensors.


Error 5

Error code 5 means Bob’s wall sensors around his bumper are blocked.

Wipe them with a clean, dry cloth and ensure nothing is stuck underneath the bumper.


Error 6

Error code 6 means Bob’s bumper is jammed. Tap on his bumper to dislodge the blockage, or use the cleaning tool to remove dust and debris.


Error 7

Error code 7 means Bob’s main brush is not installed properly. Remove the main brush and reinstall it. Make sure the the square end of the brush fits securely into the square indentation inside the brush compartment.


Error 8

Error code 8 means Bob’s dustbin is improperly installed or the contact points are dirty. Remove the dustbin and flip it over. Clean the silver electrodes on the bottom.


Clean the contact points inside Bob before replacing the dustbin.


Error 9

Error code 9 means Bob’s mainboard is not working properly. Contact our customer care center at support@bobsweep.com if you encounter this issue, as Bob may need a replacement mainboard.

Error 10

Error code 10 means Bob is having trouble with his power supply.

Turn Bob’s power switch OFF and flip him over onto a flat surface. Use a Phillips head screwdriver to remove the battery cover on Bob.


Check the battery for a loose connection. Plug the battery into Bob correctly and replace the battery cover and screws.


If the error persists, plug Bob’s power adapter directly into his side and allow him to charge for at least 8 hours.


After 8 hours of charging, unplug Bob. When you flip his power switch ON he should no longer display the error on his screen.  

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  • Avatar
    Cecelia Connolly

    I keep getting a code 4. I have cleaned the sensors and I have blocked the sensors. Nothing seems to work. He backs up for a few inches and stops, throws a code 4 error again. Any suggestions? So frustrating... I have barley used this machine and have nothing but issues.

  • Avatar
    Media Relations

    Hi Cecilia, thank you for taking all of those troubleshooting steps. Looks like there could be an issue with Bob internally. Please reach out to our support team and they'll help you with the right solution for Bob. You can call them at 1-888-549-8847 or shoot them an email at support@bobsweep.com. Our business hours are Monday-Friday 9am-5pm PST.