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blOck - Junior

blOck projects a 10-foot-long digital barrier from its front. blOck runs on 4 AA batteries (not included).

You will need to sync blOck to use it for the first time. Located on the back of blOck are two buttons: on the left, the power button, and on the right, the SYNC button.

To sync blOCk, first flip Bob’s power switch OFF.


Press blOck’s power button, and the red power light will turn on, stay still for 10 seconds, and then slowly blink every 3 seconds. This means blOck is ON and ready to sync.


Next, hold down blOck’s SYNC button while at the same time flipping Bob’s power switch ON. Bob will beep twice to let you know the sync was successful.

To turn blOck ON and OFF, simply press the power button. When ON, blOck’s red power light will remain lit; when powering OFF, the power light will blink and then disappear altogether.


blOck will remain ON for 3 hours before turning itself OFF to conserve battery. The power light will flash more quickly than normal when blOck is in need of new batteries. To conserve battery, turn blOck OFF when not in use.

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  • Avatar
    Shannon Manzi

    There is no information on how to purchase the blOck. Home page has no search functionality either. Disappointing website.

  • Avatar
    Media Relations

    Hi Shannon, you can purchase Junior's blOck on our Owner's Corner website here: https://owners.bobsweep.com/collections/junior-pet