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Cleaning Modes - Junior

Go! Mode

Junior's default cleaning mode. Junior cleans a large area for about an hour, and then returns to his charging station when at 15% battery capacity.

To select Go! mode:

  • Press the GO! button on Junior's cover.

  • Or press GO! on Junior's remote.

Waffle Mode

Best for cleaning small spills. Junior traces a grid pattern over on an area of 1 square meter (3 square feet) for 3 minutes. He returns to his charging station afterward.

To select Waffle mode:

  • Press the WAFFLE button on Junior's cover or remote.

Wall Track Mode

Best for cleaning corners. Junior sweeps along the perimeter of your room for 10 minutes before returning to his charging station.

To select Wall Track mode:

  • Press the CORNER button on Junior’s remote.

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