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Cleaning Modes - Bob PetHair Plus

Bob is equipped with 6 cleaning modes: Deep Clean; Quick Clean; Touch Up; Waffle Track; Spiral Track; and Wall Track. 

To select a cleaning mode:

  • Press the CLEANING MODE button on Bob's cover or remote.

  • Press GO! to confirm your selection.

Deep Clean

  • Bob’s default cleaning mode and best for most situations.
  • Bob thoroughly covers a large area for just over an hour, then returns to his charging station when his battery reaches 15%.

Quick Clean

  • Best for medium-sized areas.
  • Bob cleans for 30 minutes before returning to charging station.

Touch Up

  • Best for small spaces, or when you want to quickly “touch up” a messy area.
  • Bob cleans for 15 minutes before returning to his charging station.

Waffle Track

  • Best for cleaning spills. 
  • Bob targets a spill zone by tracing a grid pattern.

Spiral Track

  • Also best for spills. 
  • Bob targets a spill zone by spiraling outward from the center and then reversing his movements.

Wall Track

  • Best for when you want to get dust that's built up in corners and against walls.
  • Bob sweeps along the perimeter of your home with his side brush.
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  • Avatar
    Jane DeCastro

    Does he also do the wall track when he is in deep clean?

  • Avatar
    Media Relations

    Hi Jane, thanks for reaching out! Yes, Bob will also use wall track while in Deep Clean mode.