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Weekly Maintenance - Junior

To maximize Junior’s efficiency, it is best to clean out his dustbin, filters, and brushes once a week.

To empty Junior’s dustbin:

  • Press the button on the back of Junior and gently slide his dustbin out.

  • Pull down the transparent door on Junior’s bin and empty its contents.

Junior’s HEPA filter is located on the ceiling of his dustbin. To clean Junior’s HEPA filter:

  • Pull the filter frame out and dust the three filter layers using the cleaning tool included in Junior’s box.
  • When done, place the thinner electrostatic filter on top of the thicker mesh filter, and slide the filter frame back in its place in the dustbin’s ceiling.

When done cleaning:

  • Replace the transparent door on the lower edge of the dustbin.
  • Then, slide the whole dustbin back into Junior. 


To clean Junior’s main brush:

  • Use a screwdriver to remove the screw on Junior’s main brush. Then lift the main brush out of its compartment. 

  • Clean the main brush thoroughly from end to end using the cleaning tool included in Junior’s box. 

  • You may use scissors to cut away hairs wrapped around the brush, and a pair of tweezers to remove congestion from the brush cap. 
  • Make sure to thoroughly clean the inside of the brush compartment as well. 

  • When done, replace the brush cap on the pin end of the main brush. 
  • Insert the main brush’s square end into the square indentation inside the brush compartment. 

  • Replace the screw securing the main brush.


To clean Junior’s side brush:

  • Use a screwdriver to remove the screw holding Junior’s side brush in place.

  • Remove any dust and hair from both Junior’s side brush and the socket where it is held.
  • Replace the brush using a screwdriver.
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